Stéphanie Klein Tuente

Post doc

Stéphanie Klein Tuente is, since January 2020, a postdoctoral researcher at the Regional Forensic Psychiatric Clinic in Växjö and the Department of Clinical Sciences Lund, Lund university. Stéphanie is also affiliated to the Centre of Ethics, Law and Mental Health at Gothenburg university. She has a MSc in forensic psychology, obtained in 2013 at Maastricht University (the Netherlands).

In 2015, she started her PhD research on the development of a Virtual Reality aggression prevention training (VRAPT) at the University Medical Center in Groningen (the Netherlands), including studying the effectiveness of the VRAPT through a multicentre randomized controlled trial across the Netherlands.

Stéphanie has worked as a clinician and junior researcher (2013-2015) at the Penitentiary Psychiatric Center of Penitentiary Institution Vught, a large prison in the Netherlands. Thus, Stéphanie has work experience as a psychologist and researcher from both prison services and forensic mental health settings.

As a researcher, Stéphanie is predominantly interested in aggression, and more specially, treatment and prevention of aggressive behaviours. More evidence-based research is needed, also to make the daily environment within forensic psychiatric care safer, for both inpatients and staff members. Eventually, early detection and prevention of aggression, may hopefully decrease seclusions and using coercive measures. Furthermore, Stéphanie is interested in female offenders and forensic psychiatric inpatients. For example, what motivated them to commit crimes and how to rehabilitate them within the forensic system.


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Peer-reviewed Conference Abstract

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