Andreas Söderberg

PhD-student and Licensed Nurse

Andreas Söderberg is a registered mental health nurse. Since 2019, he has been a PhD-student in nursing science in forensic psychiatric care.

Andreas has worked at the regional forensic psychiatric clinic in Växjö since 2004. He has worked as a licensed assistant mental health nurses, a registered nurse, a registered mental health nurse and is now a PhD student and a student supervisor. He therefore has experience of forensic psychiatry from a variety of perspectives and levels. He has also for many years worked nationally as a representative in various national networks and with statistical registers.

He is an ethics representative and has a general interest in ethics but predominantly for ethical issues linked to compulsory care. As a health care scientist, he is interested in self-perceived experiences. Andreas research interest is for the greatest part about how forensic psychiatric care addresses the challenges of working to care for and rehabilitate patients while maintaining community protection and being part of the legal system. In practice, the majority of Andreas research is in-depth interviews with either health care professionals or patients.

He practices research on patient participation in forensic psychiatric settings. Participation is interesting because care in forensic psychiatry is carried out with the support of compulsory laws. How, for example, person-centered care can be understood in relation to forensic psychiatric care is very important to research.

Andreas is a PhD student and founded by, the Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare- supported project FOR-Evidens - DEVELOPMENT OF EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE IN FORENSIC PSYCHIATRY: multidisciplinary mapping and method development for a multifaceted and vulnerable patient group. Andreas is affiliated to Linnaeus University.


Andreas Söderberg, Märta Wallinius & Ulrica Hörberg (2019): An Interview Study of Professional Carers’ Experiences of Supporting Patient Participation in a Maximum Security Forensic Psychiatric Setting, Issues in Mental Health Nursing, DOI: 10.1080/01612840.2019.1658833

Debate Articles

Söderberg, A., Wallinius, M., Lofalk, G., Johansson, L. & Laporte, N. Vi vill fortsätta problematisera smartphones i tvångsvården. 2019-06-20. Dagens Medicin.

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Peer-reviewed Conference Abstract

Söderberg, A., Wallinius, M., Hörberg, U. Problematizing patient participation in forensic psychiatric care- from the caregivers’ perspective. the 13th Nordic Symposium on Forensic Psychiatry. Gothenburg August 21, 2019.   

Söderberg, A., Hörberg, U., & Wallinius, M. Delaktighet i rättspsykiatrisk högsäkerhetskultur. Utifrån vårdares perspektiv. Berätta för livet - om narrativ medicin och personcentrerad vård, Växjö, Region Kronoberg & Linnéuniversitetet, 13-14 november, 2018.         

Söderberg, A. Förändra för att förbättra på makro-, meso- och mikronivå. Föreläsning presenterad på Nationella patientsäkerhetskonferensen, Stockholm 19-20 september, 2018.  

Söderberg, A., Hörberg, U., & Wallinius, M. Patient participation in forensic psychiatric settings. Paper presented at the International Association of Forensic Mental Health Services (IAFMHS) Conference Antwerp, June 12 – 14, 2018.        

Söderberg, A., Wallinius, M. Suicide prevention in forensic psychiatric care paper presented at the Nordic Congress of Psychiatry (NCP) Copenhagen, Sep 20 - 23, 2015.

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