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The coronavirus - covid-19

Due to the coronavirus the routines around medical care in Kronoberg have changed.


Our goal is to provide good healthcare that will offer what people need.

In Region Kronoberg there are:

  • 32 healthcare centers of which 11 are private
  • Two emergency hospitals, one I Växjö and one in Ljungby
  • 19 public dental clinics
  • Three special dentistry clinics
  • One regional forensic psychiatric clinic
  • Adult and child/adolescent psychiatric clinics

You can find contact information, general information and e-services for health and care online by visiting 1177.se. You can book and cancel appointments on the website as well. 1177 is also a phone number that you can call in order to receive information and advice regarding healthcare.

1177.se, will open in new browser window

Help and support when calling us

Teletal is a service that provides help and support when making a phone call.

Teletal is a free service.

You do not need permission to use Teletal and you do not have to book the service in advance.

Phone number to Teletal: 020-22 11 44

In case of an emergency – call 112

The emergency number 112 is to be used in emergency situations when life, property or environment is in danger.

Folktandvården (Public dental care)

We want your teeth to be healthy. We offer general dental care, specialist dental care and hospital dental care on 15 different locations in Kronoberg. You are free to choose which clinic you want to visit.

Special dental care or hospital dental care requires a referral.

Specialist dental care

Folktandvården in Region Kronoberg offer special dental care:

  • Bone physiology
  • Jaw and facial x-ray
  • Jaw surgery
  • Orthodontics
  • Periodontology
  • Pedodontics
  • Prosthetics
  • Hospital dental care
Emergency dental care

Contact your usual dentist when in need of emergency dental care.

There is a dentist on call at the hospital in Växjö on weekends and holidays between 9 and 12 am. Phone number: 0470-58 89 10

At other times: call 1177

Choosing your health care in Kronoberg

You are free to choose which health care clinic you want to belong to. You can choose the one that is the best choice for you and you can change clinic whenever you want to. You are also free to choose when it comes to specialist skin care, but you will need a referral.

Information on how to choose health care clinic, link to 1177.se

Working towards not using staffing companies (Hyroberoende vård)

We use staffing companies when we do not have enough staff of our own, but we are working towards the goal of not having to use staffing companies.

By working towards that goal we will ensure that everyone in Kronoberg will receive good healthcare now and in the future. At the same time, not using staffing companies will improve the work environment for our own staff in Region Kronoberg.

While we strive to achieve this, the waiting periods will be a bit longer. But long term, the healthcare will improve and be better.

We will have an even staffing situation and be able to reach our goals with our own staff.

Health for seniors

Äldrehälsa Kronoberg (Senior health in Kronoberg) is working towards the goal of getting seniors better care.

The project is supposed to improve care for people that are 65 and older and that are in need of a home care service and health care at home. Region Kronoberg and the municipalities of Ljungby, Markaryd and Älmhult are working together with this.

Our goals:

  • Increase safety and participation
  • Provide correct care at the correct level
  • Improve transitions between hospital care, primary health care and municipalities
  • Practice the knowledge that caregivers have in a better way in our every day work.

The traffic council, the regional development board and the regional board are responsible for issues concerning traffic and community planning in Kronoberg.

Public transport

Länstrafiken Kronoberg is responsible for busses, trains, aviation, travels for patients and mobility services in Kronoberg. Länstrafiken is also the administrative authority for public transport in the county.

It is Länstrafikens responsibility that residents and visitors in Kronoberg have public transport that is well-functioning.

A well-functioning public transport is also vital for the development of the county.

It should be easy for people to live, work and study here.

It is better for the environment if more people use our public transport.

Service transport, mobility transport and travels for patients

If you have a disability that makes it hard for you to travel by bus or train; you can apply for mobility transport; in Kronoberg and in the rest of Sweden.

There is also the bus “Linnean” that you can take if you are sick and need to go to a hospital in Karlskrona, Malmö or Lund. Reservations are made with Serviceresor.

Serviceresor, will open in new browser window

You can read more about mobility services here:

Länstrafiken Kronoberg, will open in new browser window

Småland Airport, will open in new browser window

Öresundståg, will open in new browser window

Krösatågen, will open in new browser window

Good growth creates good living conditions for people in Kronoberg. Region Kronoberg is responsible for regional development in the county.

Regional development includes:

  • Developing, establishing and implementing measures in line with the Region’s Development Strategy
  • Distributing state and regional funds for investments and projects
  • Collaborating with the county’s municipalities, County Administrative Board, authorities, organisations and business in the county

Business areas

  • Skills and education/training
  • Infrastructure
  • Social planning
  • Environment and climate
  • Innovation
  • Business development
  • Internationalisation
  • Public health
  • Culture

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