Jessica Revelj

PhD-student and Licensed Nurse

Jessica Revelj is a licensed nurse (2013) with specialization in psychiatric nursing and a master in healthcare science (2017). All degrees are from Linnaeus University, Växjö Sweden.

Jessica has worked as a nurse at the Regional Forensic Psychiatric Clinic in Växjö since 2013, one of these years Jessica has also been head nurse. Jessica currently works as a nurse at a forensic psychiatric ward in Växjö (50 %) and pursues PhD studies in the field of healthcare science at Linnaeus University (50 %).

Jessica is a PhD student in a research program which aims to develop evidence-practice for forensic psychiatric care, FORevidence. Jessica’s part in this program is as a PhD student in the project FOR-WOMEN. This specific project investigates experiences of female inpatients’ lifesituation in forensic psychiatric care.

FOR-WOMEN highlights the female inpatients’ life-situation both from the perspective of the female inpatients themselves also their caregivers. Other aspects that are investigated in relation to their life-situation are physical and psychosocial environment in the forensic psychiatric care, since these aspects are considered important for the care and the patients’ possibilities of improved mental health. Methods used are interviews, surveys, and observations of the interaction between female inpatients and their caregivers.

Jessica is interested in “what” in the forensic psychiatric care that affects the patients in their rehabilitation and “how” the patients experience the care and environment in forensic psychiatric care.

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