Johan Berlin

PhD-student and Registered Psychologist

Johan is a licensed psychologist at the regional forensic psychiatric clinic in Växjö and doctoral student in forensic psychiatry at the Medical Faculty, Department of Clinical Sciences, at Lund University.

Johan has prior experience of psychiatric inpatient care working as a psychiatric aide but now has a position where he divides his time equally between clinical work as a psychologist and research. His dissertation work will focus on the construct of aggression and how it is assessed and managed, primarily in forensic psychiatric inpatient contexts. A large part of his dissertation will also consist of a qualitative and quantitative evaluation of structured collaborative violence risk management plans within forensic psychiatric care. These violence risk management plans represent a partly novel direction within forensic psychiatric care, where the patient’s perspective is more actively explored and utilized in the risk management process. A process which has historically been centred almost exclusively around the professional’s perspective and thus left little room for more active patient involvement. The goal is now to assess whether this approach is effective as well as deemed acceptable by both patients and staff.

Within the forensic psychiatric research field in general he has a special interest for questions regarding risk assessment and management as well as the construct of psychopathy. Within in psychiatry and psychology in general he is also particularly interested in questions regarding transparent and reproducible science, so called Open Science, as well as methodological questions.

Peer-reviewed Conference Abstracts

”Structured Violence Risk Management in Forensic Psychiatry”, accepted to 13th Nordic Symposium on Forensic Psychiatry, Gothenburg.

”Measuring Aggression in Offenders: Convergence Across Methods”, accepted to International Association of Forensic Mental Health Services Conference, Antwerpen, Belgium.