Kristina Sygel

Post doc, Medicine Doctor and Forensic Psychiatrist

Kristina is a medical doctor (MBChB), specialist in general and forensic psychiatry and a consultant forensic psychiatrist at the Department of Forensic Psychiatry in Stockholm, a part of the National Board of Forensic Medicine. She is a post-doctoral student at the Centre for Ethics, Law and Mental Health (CELAM) at Gothenburg university in collaboration with the research department at the Regional Forensic Psychiatric Clinic in Växjö.

Kristina has been carrying out forensic psychiatric assessments on behalf of the criminal courts since the early 2000s. These are evaluations performed prior to sentencing to determine whether an offender is suffering from a serious mental disorder, requires compulsory forensic psychiatric care, and is at risk of criminal recidivism. Kristina also takes part in risk assessments of prisoners serving life sentences, regularly lectures in psychiatry and general psychiatry and is vice chairman of the Swedish Forensic Psychiatric Association. She combines her aforementioned clinical work with clinical research and completed her thesis at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet in 2016.

Kristina’s main research work has been within forensic psychiatry in conjunction with computer and systems science and has primarily concerned computer simulation in the assessment and treatment of offenders. She was, for instance, co-creator of a computer-based treatment program for intimate partner violence which has been used within the Prison and Probation Service’s domestic violence treatment program. From 2019, Kristina has been carrying out post-doctoral studies, under the supervision of Märta Wallinuis, within the FOR-VR project (Psychological assessment and treatment using Virtual Reality in forensic psychiatry) which is part of a national research program for the development of evidence-based practice in forensic psychiatry, FORevidence (


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